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Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars


So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks over the last few months asking why I strongly dislike TFIOS by John Green as much as I do. And for the most part, all the recent askers have been surprisingly polite, considering the more aggressive ones I’ve received in the past on the subject. Anyway, I’ve answered a bunch of them separately, but I’ve decided to condense all of my theories, opinions and arguments into one succinct post.

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#personal #basically I don't need to read a book to know I won't like it #like~ if I know a food has raw egg in it and I absolutely abhor raw egg and I know for a fact it's not the most amazing culinary invention o


"Queen of kings " by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache magazine

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Photographer/ Creative Director: by Nyree Mackenzie Nyree Photo
Model: Gisèle Pletzer
Stylist / Fashion Director: Tamzen Holland Fashion-Stylist

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I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable.

Iphigenia, from A Memory of Wind by Rachel Swirsky.  (via sourirefugace)

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It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 


calling it, whoever the new iron man is they won’t be straight. marvel’s tryna go for the trifecta.

Does that mean we get a disabled main superhero and go for the golden four?
*crosses fingers for deaf hawkeye again*

Valkyrie goddess yay (I don’t like thor’s character though can she be a little less idiotic and derpy?)




For whatever we lose
(a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
 - E.E. Cummings

E. E Cummings. Fragmented. Broke all the grammatical cliches and rules. Forever my favorite poet

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